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Reviving Labour's Image

A Persuading to Win workshop featuring Terry O'Reilly
June 14-15, Courtyard Toronto Marriott Hotel, Downtown Toronto
  Attn: union officers, organizers, educators, communications staff and campaign teams

You know unions face their greatest challenge ever — a militant right wing surge funded by anti-union interests. They won in Indiana. They won in Michigan.
Now these are right-to-work states.
And they think they can take over Canada.

The problem is unions have lost control of their image; the other side’s telling the union story.
The result is a bad image for unions.

A damaged reputation means doors are closing for union organizers. It means employees who really need them vote no to unions in certification votes.

A poor image means it’s tougher to pass pro-union legislation and harder to get worker-friendly candidates elected.

If you think there's nothing you can do about labour’s image, stop reading this. But if you want to learn ways to recover the great union image and put the union-bashers on the run, read on.
More than 200 union officers and staff from public sector and private sector unions in every province attended sold-out Reviving Labour’s Image workshops in September, 2012 and February, 2013. See what they had to say about the workshop.

Next, Straight Goods is hosting a new conference on labour’s image, June 14-15 in Toronto.
You’ll work with Canada’s senior expert in persuasion, Terry O'Reilly. Canada's leading progressive journalist Linda McQuaig sets the stage with her analysis of the problem and an agenda for action.

You know Robin Sears, an advisor in crisis communications who will share his insights in the conference keynoter’s role.

Digital media strategist Melissa Cheater will show you how to put social media to work to help you organize online. Not just a website button workers click but a real strategy to get around management trash-talk and reach pro-union unorganized employees.

Allan Bonner teaches “How to win the air war" based on 30 years experience in broadcast and print media. He’ll also run clinics to fine-tune your on-air performance.

And pollster Marc Zwelling presents the evidence-based, union image-building system you can install the next day. He’ll also divulge the messages that put the “right to work” proponents on the defensive for once.

Previous Reviving Labour's Image workshops sold out. Only 70 spaces are available for legitimate labour movement participants the June 14-15 conference.

All registration details are here

It would cost a lot to recruit a great team of image makers like this, but the cost is still $1,000 per person plus HST/GST. Organizations can get five spots for $4,000 plus HST/GST.

There are a limited number of sponsorships available for Reviving Labour’s Image, for $3000 plus HST for the Friday evening dinner and $2000 plus HST for refreshment breaks and the reception Friday evening.

Let us know right away if your organization will beat Reviving Labour's Image in June and how many seats to hold for you and your colleagues.

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