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Reviving Labour's Image

A Persuading to Win workshop featuring Terry O'Reilly
June 14-15, Courtyard Toronto Marriott Hotel, Downtown Toronto
Testimonials: What people are saying about Reviving Labour's Image
  We clearly have a problem in the labour movement. If we're going to be successful in fighting back, we have to have conversations like this...
Gil McGowan — President, Alberta Federation of Labour

It was a great event with wonderful speakers. We came to the realization that we need to adapt our communications Ö I loved Terry O'Reilly's presentation on rebuilding our message, repositioning ourselves. He showed that it can be done.
Francine Filion — Director of Communications, Canadian Teachers' Federation

It was excellent, a real eye-opening experience, with very good speakers. Not only do we have a problem with our public image, , we have to sell ourselves to our own members.
Janice Peterson — Educator, United Nurses of Alberta

This was a very helpful workshop for union staff, but it should also be attended by senior elected union officials because many of the strategic ideas discussed require buy-in by decision makers.
David Climenhaga Communications Officer, United Nurses of Alberta

I donít know if its reframing or rebranding but definitely with whatís going on in the current environment, nationally and internationally, the way people are looking at unions we really need to focus on what the union is doing for people today and I heard a lot of that this weekend. Iím a visual person and even before coming here I was thinking Ďok I need the picture of the old union whether its cartoons or whether its pictures and I need the picture of the new union and how that looks and how were helping people looking after our members and definitely getting them more involved and having that conversation. - Arlene Preston

I think that we definitely need to be talking about the things that we are doing as a union rather than discussing the issues and thatís what our focus is typically on. - June Winger
Arlene Preston and June Winger — Union of National Defence Employees

I Enjoyed the workshop today the speakers were excellent, very informative. Iíve got a lot of takeaways that Iím going to bring back to my membership and hopefully incorporate these and hopefully the result is that we will improve labours image both inside and outside the union. What I took from yesterday was the changing the conversation its not just about what I am doing on a daily basis because you get entrenched in your daily activities and sometimes you lose sight of the bigger pictures so itís a communication with the membership to try and change that conversation so people are understanding that there is more to being in a union than just paying dues and getting wage increases that its more about the broader sector.
Dave Myette — Society of Energy Professionals

Iíve learned lots of practical solutions and coming together in a group like this talking about such an important subject on the work that we all do has been really confidence building and juts reinforces that we need to get out there and do this more than ever.I certainly learned today was creating benchmarks for our memberships to show their satisfaction with the local a lot of people are very positive and hyped up about the local and enthused about the local since our strike in the campaign and we need to keep that momentum going and there is lots of good ideas today on how to do that.
Maureen OíReilly — Toronto Public Library Workers Union Local 4948

Itís been great; Friday alone was worth the price of admission. It is something that I know us within OSSTF have been looking at has been a real problem with our image, being teachers and especially what has happened in the last year with the Liberal government, and communications is becoming more and more of a priority. We came here for some ideas and inspriration and that whatís were walking away with
John-Paul Cotť — OSSTF District 22

"An excellent iniative I really appreciated it, for us it couldnít be more timelyÖWe need to be checking in more with our members along the way, we need to be gathering their opinions on an ongoing basis about what we're doing and then modifying our actions accordingly, to make sure that what we are doing is resinating.Ē
Shannon Devine — Communications Director, CAW-Canada


I am thankful I had the opportunity to attend Reviving Labour's Image. The presentations were absolutely fantastic, engaging and inspiring. It was great to learn about understanding the importance of clear messaging, multiple audiences and the issues that truly resonate with the average person. I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone who communicates in their work place.
Gregory L. Wright , IBEW 37 Business Representative